Gråbrödersgatan 2
211 21 Malmö
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+46 (0)40 – 30 75 00


Sven Källfelts gata 206
426 71 Västra Frölunda
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Charmig hyresfastighet i Gunnarstorp ca 2 mil öster om Helsingborg har fått ny ägare genom Relier.

Omringad av det öppna skånska landskapet finns fastigheten Bjuv Gunnarstorp 1:202 uppförd år 1916 som skola och omvandlad till hyresbostäder på 1990-talet. Fastigheten inrymmer fyra byggnader som gemensamt skapar en lugn och lummig trädgård för de boende. Samtliga 22...

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Bona flyttar in i Staffanstorp – hyr in sig på 7 000 kvm där Relier förmedlat uthyrningen.

Golvvårdsleverantören Bona har skrivit på ett flerårigt hyresavtal med Logicenters rörande 7 000 m2 i Staffanstorp, strax utanför Malmö. Sedan 1919 har Bona varit ett viktigt och betrott familjeägt företag i Skåneregionen. Deras passion skapades ur att få...

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Fastighet i Kalmar med bra kassaflöde och fullt uthyrd till stabila hyresgäster inom fordonsbranschen överlåten genom bolagsaffär.

Fastigheten Kalmar Brevet 6 på Företagarevägen 7 har överlåtits genom bolagsöverlåtelse. Tillträdde skedde 2 maj 2022. Fastigheten har två lagerbyggnader uppförda 2019 och 2020 med en total uthyrbar area på 2 148 kvm som nyttjas för lager, verkstad och kontor....

Kalmar Brevet 2
Area: Ca 2 200 sqm

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Fabrik till hyresgästen Ecoligens, Bultgatan

Ecoligens har via Relier Göteborg nu funnit en ny plats för sin etablering, på Bilgatan i Kungälv kommer de nu att sätta upp en fabrik för miljöanpassad tillverkning. Catena fick genom denna förmedling tecknat ett hyresavtal med Ecoligens som löper på 10...

Bultgatan, Göteborg
Area: 8 000 sqm

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Göteborg Järnbrott 758:146, Distansgatan 2, Högsbo

Fastigheten är på ca 2 600 m2 och består av kontorslokaler med verksamhetsytor på bottenplan. Den ligger på Distansgatan i Högsbo, i västra Göteborg, längst med Dag Hammarskjöldsleden, som är en av de större infartslederna till centrala Göteborg. "Vår...

Göteborg Järnbrott 758:146
Area: 2 600 sqm

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Relier stands for openness, spontaneity and enjoyment. We value a feeling of security and belonging, in a humble environment where everyone is treated equally and with respect.


We are a goal-oriented team that works enthusiastically and with a focus on achieving results. Our work with our clients is based on a clear framework of shared goals.


Our extensive knowledge of the real estate sector gives us a unique competence to capitalise on the work we do. Our competence develops continually, in step with the ever-changing circumstances in which we work.


The employees of Relier have together formulated three core values — Enjoyment, Focus and Competence — to guide the day-to-day work and conduct of the company and its employees. With these core values, we strive to achieve a healthy, affirming and happy workplace through trust, enthusiasm, community, the ability to share our competences, and clear, shared objectives.

For Relier, it is a given that we should follow Swedish law in our day-to-day conduct towards employees, clients, and other parties who come into contact with us. To this end, Relier has developed codes of conduct that include anti-discrimination work, actions aimed at promoting the equal worth of all people, equal-opportunity efforts, procedures to combat money-laundering and financing of terrorism, and strategies whereby Relier can promote the UN’s worldwide goals for sustainable development. All procedures and values must be adhered to by the company and its employees. Employees receive an introduction to these procedures during their first week on the job, and outside parties can also be given this information upon request.

The aforementioned values, efforts and procedures allow Relier to contribute to the real estate sector through greater equality of distribution, enrichment of competence through new working methods and approaches, and an equal right of everyone to share their experiences in and outside the field.


Relier Real Estate Advisor was founded in 2009 through a merger of three leading brokerage companies in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö: EW Space, Release Fastigheter och Lokaler, and Fastmera. The merger was a tactical choice, aimed at reaching the next stage of growth, by creating an organisation that was both locally and regionally strong, and whose members could share their competence and experience in areas such as market rents, property values and clients. A decade later, it looks like this merger was a good match: Relier is now a well-established real estate company, whose founders are still owners and still active in company operations. Relier AB is owned by Relier Göteborg AB, with Christer Backman serving as Vice CEO, and by Relier Syd AB, with Magnus Silfver serving as CEO.

Relier is from a French word meaning “to join together”, which is precisely what we strive to do on a day-to-day basis. We connect parties with each other, and contribute to creating workplaces and new work opportunities for new and well-established companies alike. We thus contribute to the development of the real estate sector, by connecting businesses seeking operating space with property owners’ vacant premises, and we guide real estate investors towards the right property acquisitions, while also enabling the creation of new networks and relationships in the industry.

Since its inception in 2009, Relier and its employees have received multiple awards for joint and individual achievements.

At the Fastighetsgalan (Real Estate Gala) event, one of our rental agents, Richard Wihlborg at Relier Syd, was awarded the prestigious distinction of Agent of the Year for 2018 by Lokalguiden, against competition that included all rental agents in Sweden.

In the years 2010–2015 — a total of six times in a row — Relier received the Real Estate Øresund Award for “Best commercial rental company in Scania”. The jury consisted of representatives from the Øresund Institute, the City of Malmö, Malmö University, the Centre for Real Estate Management (Centrum för Fastighetsföretagande), and Fastighetsägarna Syd. The reasons given for each of the awards are presented below.
2015 – ”Extensive network of contacts, and a sense for business”
2014 – ”For effectively helping our clients navigate the commercial property market”
2013 – ”Where we see empty premises, others see business opportunities and turn vacancies into silver”
2012 – ”For professionally, straightforwardly, and with a presence on the market, providing assistance in the brokerage of commercial premises to property owners and businesses seeking premises”
2011 – ”For having used its excellent knowledge to cement its position as a broker of office, retail, warehouse and industrial premises”
2010 – ”For developing, in only a short time, from an operation restricted to Malmö into a widely known, cohesive organisation.”


Relier is a company that places value on each person’s individual qualities, skills and experience, because the more we collaborate and consult with one another, the stronger we become. We work hard to ensure a healthy working climate where focus, competence and enjoyment of our work are the core values. Relier strives to treat all people equally. At Relier, we have a mixed range of educational backgrounds and past work experiences, and a wide range of ages. Relier is an organisation with a flat structure and short decision-making processes. Our employees are able to participate in decision-making. We welcome those who are initiative-takers and can perform their assigned work duties under their own supervision, and we give employees the authority they need to be able to contribute throughout the work process.

People who work at Relier include real estate brokers, rental agents, real estate advisors, business and economics specialists, engineers, and specialists in the real estate sector.

Even if we do not have any open positions advertised, you can still send us an open application. Relier is a growing organisation, and we plan to add new positions soon.

Send an e-mail with your CV and a covering letter to [email protected]

Send an e-mail with your CV and a covering letter to [email protected]

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